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Перевод слова

Перевод: wee speek wee

крошечный; маленький;
небольшое количество;
мочиться; отлить [сл.]; п`исать


  1. " Who'll come in tae ma wee hoose, tae ma wee hoose tae ma wee hoose; for who'll come in tae ma wee hoose and make it a wee bit bigger!"
  2. Och away in wi ye Inverdarroch, ease yir feet oot o' yir wellingtons and come ben next tae the fire fur a wee dram, it's great tae see ye isn't it, Murdo?
  3. "Not in the least, Dad," Wee Charlie replied, teasing him.
  4. I went back to Temple Meads Station - the clock stared at me, nearly one o'clock, dinner-time - and went to the Ladies to have a wee and a drink of water.
  5. He'd meant to stay longer, but a wee niggle in his mind made him return early.
  6. And with April and Charlie, Pet and Wee Charlie.
  7. Look, just hold on a wee minute.
  8. "She said to me that the partners in the firm couldna decide what to give the lass for her wedding and had asked her, as wife of the senior partner, to have a wee word.
  9. It was the wee lass had changed him somehow, God bless her.
  10. "Ye're a real wee smasher," he told her.
  11. And wee Kate and Joshua are just plain gorgeous even though it's their Granny talking.
  12. His band includes Georgie Fame on organ, and saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, in a combination rarely known to disappoint.
  13. I could be doing fine with a wee taste of it."

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