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Перевод слова

Перевод: style speek style

стиль ; слог ; манера ; направление; школа в искусстве; вкус ; изящество; шик ; блеск ; фасон ; покрой ; мода ; сорт ; род ; тип ; титул ; перо; карандаш ; граммофонная иголка; гравировальная игла; игла ;
величать; титуловать; конструировать по моде; вводить в моду; модернизировать


  1. With DJs Fetisch, Frazer and Rob rocking in a Sugarhill style and sporadic bursts of break dancing from an enthusiastic crowd, it's worth checking.
  2. How would you rate Britain's image in terms of style?
  3. After that point, I started to write some much more original stuff and we began to find a style of our own."
  4. The government had plenty of dope on Mr Dixon, who drew attention to himself with his lavish style of life, including a fleet of fancy jets and fast cars, and a two-week tour of fine French restaurants.
  5. In the modern style used by choreographers, they are to an increasing extent trying to do away with all the conventions inherent in the traditional techniques of classical and other styles.
  6. Regency stripe, classical motifs and rich wood have been used here to achieve a formal style that is also very natural.
  7. His architect was a Frenchman from Avignon, Matthieu d'Arras, who worked in the then fashionable high Gothic style.
  8. Tectonic style and depth of Variscan thrusts in England
  9. A real fifties style, it was made of very thin cir and looked almost like a dress, with its circular skirt and stand-up collar.
  10. Delni Style
  11. The Church of All Saints - built in 1680 in the "Wren" style replaced the large 11th century building destroyed in the Great Fire of 1675.
  12. In his own inimitable style, Oz provides sound advice on best buys and stockists.
  13. have a reputation for having a no-nonsense "call a spade a spade" style

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