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Перевод слова

Перевод: stubborn speek stubborn

упрямый; неподатливый; упорный


  1. It must be added, though, that cats are stubborn animals and will often consider such chemical warfare as a kind of challenge.
  2. The story of this far from illustrious beginning was one Hugo never tired of telling, for the fact that he had started with nothing but raw talent and stubborn determination was something of which he was justifiably proud but he was less forthcoming about what had happened next.
  3. The Camperdown was cut in half - sank quickly with a resulting loss of the lives of over one thousand men including the stubborn Admiral.
  4. I had fondly imagined that sitting astride one of these slow, sure-footed and allegedly stubborn beasts would be a doddle - which it was when actually in the saddle.
  5. Her holy obstinacy, her sulky refusal to bend her stubborn head to emperors, fathers, lovers, or dragons had proved strong enough to conquer even the need to kill.
  6. They carted him like a scarecrow, his heels scoring the gravel, but he was as stubborn as a pig in a cart, he would never squeal without a hard prod; Donald Stewart the blacksmith had to grip his wrist to make him sign the paper.
  7. There were times when his own belief in himself as a great player could backfire on him if he failed to realize that he was having an off day, and he could look stubborn and bloody-minded as a result.
  8. Bella lay there, stubborn, tight-lipped.
  9. That leaves two plausible reasons for the British public's stubborn refusal to enjoy the fruits of share ownership: savers are either too dim or too smart.
  10. Her mouth set in a stubborn line he knew so well.
  11. But he is making no excuses for Taylor Woodrow's stubborn perseverance with the American contracting business which lost 12m last year and is being closed at a cost of 24m.
  12. John Lawlor, a pupil from 1936 onwards, said of himself that he "passed from dislike and hostility to stubborn affection, and then to gratitude for the weekly bout in which no quarter was asked or given".
  13. It may be modern unwillingness to accept that there were activities in ancient societies which we do not understand that accounts for the embarrassing silence of archaeology on the Andean lines and its stubborn resistance to a proper treatment of the ley theory in Britain.

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