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Перевод слова

Перевод: straight speek straight

прямой; неизогнутый; невьющийся; правильный; ровный; находящийся в порядке; честный; искренний; верный; надежный; неуклонно поддерживающий решения своей партии; преданный своей партии; неразбавленный; относящийся к пьесам признанного достоинства; классический; поштучный; достоверный; гетеросексуальный;
по прямой линии; прямо; немедленно; правильно; точно; метко; честно; открыто; сразу;
прямизна ; прямота ; прямая линия; прямая ; пять карт, подобранных подряд по достоинству; нормальный человек; стрит


  1. Pull yourself up straight again, sitting up as tall as you can.
  2. I'd have gone straight there."
  3. Go straight across at the first crossroads.
  4. I went straight from the station to the beach.
  5. But look! here come more crowds, pacing straight for the water, and seemingly bound for a dive.
  6. Our journey was to take us from one end of the village to the Bar-Tabac at the other end, a trip of some 200 metres down the straight street that led to the plump, vine-studded hills in the distance.
  7. Sampson feels "a very great aversion" to Slinkton as soon as he sees him: "His hair, which was elaborately brushed and oiled, was parted straight up the middle; and he presented this parting to the clerk, exactly as if he had said, in so many words: "You must take me, if you please, my friend, just as I show myself.
  8. Madame would see Boy there, she'd look at him and she'd give a whole line straight to him ( Can't you see
  9. "I want a photo of you," she said wolfishly, leaning back and smiling straight into Lucy's eyes.
  10. Keeping the legs straight, squeeze them together 25 times, holding each squeeze for 1 second.
  11. Except for a slight flair towards the hem, the skirt was straight.
  12. There was a certain beauty about the shrouded hills, grey fields, and straight, silver rain; but they were too cold and wet and hungry to appreciate things like that.
  13. This is not an uncommon occurrence because birds of prey have what is known as "tunnel vision" - which means that although they can focus with deadly accuracy on the prey straight in front of them, they have difficulty seeing anything outside that direct line of sight.

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