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Перевод слова

Перевод: rush speek rush

спешный; срочный; требующий быстрых действий;
стремительное движение; натиск ; мелочь ; напор ; прилив ; погоня ; стремление; устремление; большой спрос; ажиотаж ; напряжение; спешка ; суета ; соревнование; состязание; стремительная атака; стремительный бросок; перебежка ; внезапная осадка кровли; тростник ; камыш ; ситник ; совершенный пустяк;
бросаться; устремляться; устремиться; мчаться; мчать; нестись; стремительно тащить; действовать слишком поспешно; выполнять слишком поспешно; торопить; подгонять; торопиться; быстро доставлять; нахлынуть; прихлынуть; брать стремительным натиском; обдирать; приударять; ухаживать


  1. Franca, looking at him, felt the old familiar rush of feeling as if her body advanced and entered his body.
  2. Sunderland: Norman; Kay, Rogan, Bennett, Hardyman (Owers 74), Rush, Mooney, Goodman, Armstrong, Byrne (Davenport 74), Atkinson.
  3. She climbed the stairs to get it, crunched her way across the glass-strewn room, feeling a strong rush of her earlier panic, and unhooked the painting from the wall.
  4. I rush out into the hall, down to the front door.
  5. A shaky defence will be strengthened by the return of David Burrows and captain Mark Wright, while their attacking options will increase considerably when Ian Rush and John Barnes are recalled.
  6. David Rigg, commercial development director, reminisced nostalgically that there has not been such a boom in his business since the rush to decolonise Africa some 30 years ago.
  7. Not to be outdone, Liverpool defender Steve Staunton capably filled the striking boots of Ian Rush for the second half, scoring all three goals in their 3-0 win over Wigan for an 8-2 aggregate result.
  8. He has refused to rush legislative changes through, but he has not ruled out proposals on electoral reform which could be put before the electorate either in a referendum or at the next general election.
  9. What rush hour exists is merely a breeze of bicycles.
  10. Rush capped a brilliant evening for the home side in the 83rd minute when he volleyed a third goal from Dozzell's headed clearance.
  11. Midge happened to be standing next to them in the shop where they got the bum's rush.
  12. I mention this only because it is possible, in the rush to get afloat, to forget that most essential piece of equipment.
  13. If they wait and see, they would risk joining a rush of borrowing when the bonds have to be repaid, forcing interest rates higher.

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