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Перевод слова

Перевод: own speek own

свой собственный; собственный; родной; любимый; оригинальный;
иметь; владеть; обладать; признавать; признаваться


  1. He'd thought her a little too old for his own purposes, but always assumed she was there for the taking.
  2. In the Masai the British believed they had found an audience capable of appreciating their own greatness of soul.
  3. Moral virtue was of little interest to Gnostics, whose confidence in their own salvation made all that seem a matter of indifference.
  4. As with purse nets, I prefer to make my own, each long-net having a 2-inch (5-centimetre) knot-to-knot diameter.
  5. It must have seemed clear to him at once that Tolkien was a man of literary genius, and this fact only brought home to him his own sense of failure as a writer.
  6. Do you enjoy the contrast of playing the stadiums with Genesis and the smaller clubs with your own material?
  7. The minister was still there, but now Mrs D'Arcy, Mrs Henry and a Mr Ker had tables of their own.
  8. Armed with a saw and a screwdriver I have fitted my own secondary units and, now, some companies are producing panes that are made of high-resilience plastics, which are much lighter to handle and are much warmer to the touch than glass.
  9. While the Pro GAP contains its own quite flexible EQ section, by adding the Pro Q Rocktron have increased the overall tonal flexibility of the system.
  10. The Recessional of 1897 was not the hymn of a nation strong in its own security.
  11. We'll be back and next time after the impressive performance of this car, it will be in a Citron BX 4x4 Estate of our own.
  12. Though why you should have me, simply because I opened the glass case, is less clear to me altogether, and when, and if, you are restored to your rightful place, and your home and lands and people are again your own, I trust you will feel free to reconsider the matter, and remain, if you will, alone and unwed.
  13. Octavia Hill, too, adopted the principle that her housing ventures must be self-supporting, and that the tenants should pay an economic rent; she maintained that rate-aided housing might be a danger to poorer tenants, who would be in the position of having to contribute through the rates to council housing, when they could scarcely afford the rent for their own inferior accommodation.

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