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Перевод слова

Перевод: lock speek lock

локон ; волосы ; пучок ; клок ; зам`ок ; щеколда ; запор ; затвор ; зажим ; шлюз ; плотина ; затор ; захват 'на ключ'; стопор ; чека ; гать ; останов ; венерологическая лечебница;
запирать; замыкать; замыкаться; запирать на зам`ок; запираться на зам`ок; сжимать; стискивать; соединять; сплетать; тормозить; шлюзовать


  1. Once he had forgotten to lock Mr Corcoran's office and had been harshly reprimanded.
  2. At Pontypool Park, when the teams drew 7-;7, Dean Oswald, the Pontypool No 8, was sent off, and there were claims that Kevin Moseley, the Newport lock, had been assaulted by a fan.
  3. This "lock and key" relationship has led to the view that the enzymes' own structure must of necessity be unique and unchanging, and so it is - usually.
  4. There are, in fact, two "exiles" - scrum-half David Millard and lock forward Damian Cronin, lock-forward - in the 30-strong squad, with two others, Paul Burnell and Derek White, unavailable through injury and retirement, respectively.
  5. If you are driving alone in a car, do not stop to pick up hitch-hikers, always lock all your doors if you are sitting in a parked car and do not roll down the window to give a suspicious looking stranger directions.
  6. If you can't take it with you, cover it up, or better still, lock it in the boot.
  7. The South-West, who beat London last year, have made a total of three changes, choosing the Plymouth wing Steve Walklin instead of Peter Blackett of Bath, and bringing in the Bath lock Nigel Redman in place of his club-mate John Morrison.
  8. Apparently it was Gibson Strings that pioneered such innovations as the "double lock twist ball" and the use of alloys.
  9. Without the pounds, boats in passage might have to wait while the locks above filled with water, before the lock through which it is passing can fill.
  10. Occasionally City police would leave a little note saying, "People have been stealing rugs out of cars, I think you ought to lock yours"."
  11. WHILE Harlequins were yesterday contemplating the Mystery of the Missing Lock, Leicester, the club they beat in Saturday's Pilkington Cup semi-finals, were gearing themselves for another wearing match tonight.
  12. To start the saw, the starting lock at the top of the handle has to be pressed forwards and at the same time the trigger switch is squeezed.
  13. Instead of a "Lock" (or 9,000 cu. ft. of water) being lost by the passage of a barge (or barges) through the ordinary wide lock - only about 90 cu. ft. or one - 100th part of a lock, would be passed down the Canal by the passage of one barge down the Canal and another barge up.

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