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Перевод слова

Перевод: hideous speek hideous

страшный; ужасный; сильный; отвратительный


  1. If none of these works, you can always try throttling your interlocutor, crying as you do so: "Did you know that 63 per cent of all smart-ass know-alls meet a violent and hideous end?"
  2. There are nasty stories of greed overcoming sense, and of hideous lip lacerations as a result of biting directly into the fruit.
  3. So often very young babies are perfectly hideous, aren't they?
  4. Alice Brine is a social worker who, we finally discover, was the negligent official in a hideous case of child abuse.
  5. When his characters make love - or perform Mr. Lawrence's equivalent for love-making - and they do nothing else - they not only lose all the amenities, refinements and graces which many centuries have built up in order to make love-making tolerable; they seem to reascend the metamorphoses of evolution, passing backward beyond ape and fish to some hideous coitus of protoplasm.
  6. The view looked across a concrete courtyard from the thirteenth floor of a planning disaster, a delicious confection of grey concrete and dirty glass, to another, equally hideous architectural gem.
  7. I had walked straight into a hideous trap.
  8. The original conception of "the return of Mrs. Porter" would be pointless, or at least only a prolongation of horror, since life itself and the regeneration of it are seen, at bottom, as hideous.
  9. Little does he realise what villainy and treachery lurk in the little town of Sinkport, or what a hideous fate may await him there.
  10. When she finally slept, she had a hideous nightmare.
  11. The latest addition to the list, buckminsterfullerene, has 60 carbon atoms and would be hideous to name systematically.
  12. Geoffrey Moorhouse uses Bury as his pivot: he explores it fact by fact, family by family; this little town in the moors bore a hideous amount of the slaughter in the Dardanelles, no matter what your Australian neighbour may tell you as he leans on the bar and his legend.
  13. Jane had never seen him so depressed, his anger frequently spilling over into words to her, as the dwellings went up with hideous and indecent haste, flaunting a flag: "Waterloo Homes" right next to his drive.

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