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Перевод слова

Перевод: fry speek fry

мальки ; мелкая рыбешка; мелюзга ; внутренности некоторых животных в жареном виде; жареное мясо; жаркое; пикник ;
жарить; жариться; зажаривать; обжаривать; поджариваться


  1. Would these have contributed to the death of the fry?
  2. Once the fry hatched I moved them into a tank of their own.
  3. Similar associations occur between fish/mobile invertebrates and other sessile invertebrates, notably the diadema sea urchin which provides protection to fish fry with its long sharp spines.
  4. STEPHEN FRY London WC2
  5. "Well," said Mrs Fry.
  6. Once they start to hatch the emerging fry will be picked up in the parent's mouth and deposited into a pre-dug pit, or under the edge of a rock.
  7. Whether Fry was justified in his interpretations of Czanne is not our present question.
  8. I was thinking of a pair of Dwarf Gouramis, as I feel they would be safe with eggs or fry.
  9. Above: Small amounts of algae should be left on the rocks and glass on which the fry can graze.
  10. Apart from the occasions when bream are preoccupied with full larders of fry, there are times all through the year when they will eat a small fish, just the same as there are times when they will chomp a lobworm.
  11. Fry the onions in remaining butter until soft.
  12. For this reason it is advisable to be a little "sloppy" in your maintenance when fry are expected.
  13. Fry deliberately wrote the next part of his essay in a railway refreshment room ("One must remember that public places of this kind merely reflect the average citizen's soul, as expressed in his home").

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