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Перевод: fireplace speek fireplace

кузнечный горн ; камин ; очаг


  1. It was delightfully snug and companionable there in the firelight, with the roar of the seas outside muted, all draughts excluded, sufficiently warm without being too hot; for the fireplace was no less than twelve feet wide, its lintel a massive slab of stone more than that in length, reputedly taken from a Pictish stone circle, so that the ingle was like a little open room of its own in the thickness of the walling.
  2. At one end of this dim room was an open fireplace, in which a few huge logs still smouldered in a bed of white ash; on either side of this were two heavy, curved and padded armchairs, covered in velvet, a dark charcoal colour, pattered with dark purple flowers, a kind of glamorised fin-de-sicle bindweed.
  3. This fireplace succumbed to the blows of club hammer and bolster.
  4. There was a pause and I saw Jim looking at his fireplace.
  5. He also built the fireplace to house the Rayburn.
  6. Joseph Aspinall, five, escaped unhurt when the fireplace exploded in his room at Bispham, Lancs, yesterday.
  7. Above the fireplace a layer of furry soot clung to the under-surface of the beams: on their upper surface flakes of chaff, from the autumn threshing on the roof, had lodged themselves in pockets, and as she swept, the black and yellow particles cascaded to the ground, then floated up on a cloud of swirling dust.
  8. The other focal point in the room is the fireplace.
  9. By the fireplace, there was what was known as a "Turkish corner", protected by a screen, in which the Empress normally sat either to read or to talk informally with someone who had come to see her.
  10. He hated verbal theories, he didn't read much, he'd never travelled outside the states, he punched people up, and when he was drunk at parties he pissed into the fireplace.
  11. On either side of the Victorian fireplace with its flower-filled hearth stood an easy chair.
  12. She answered calmly and shuffled over to the fireplace, but I hadn't had my say yet.
  13. This ingenious arrangement has two advantages: it scents the house with an acrid, invigorating smell of frying cloth recalling a tailor shop in the Bronx, and it permits me to tend two kerosene burners, a Franklin stove, and a fireplace.

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