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Перевод слова

Перевод: feather speek feather

перо; оперение; плюмаж ; нечто легкое; пустячок ; дичь ; волосная трещина; шпонка ; литейный шов; прилив отливки; выступ ; гребень ;
оперять; украшать перьями; украшаться перьями; придавать форму пера; вынос`ить весло плашмя; сбить перья с птицы выстрелом; дрожать, виляя хвостом; резать воздух; циклически изменять шаг; соединять на шпонку; соединять на шпунт


  1. Give each person a straw and each team a feather.
  2. The teams stand in line and the feather is placed on a chair at the end of the room.
  3. "Yes, I know there was," said Mrs Feather in a soft, sad voice.
  4. Our picture shows Feather Duster Tubeworms Sabellastarte magnifica.
  5. "I'm telling you," she said, "when I heard that big clock in the hall striking the five, you could've knocked me down with a feather!
  6. Maat wore a single ostrich feather in the centre of her forehead; one of her tasks was to weigh the souls of dead men for OSIRIS, and she would use this feather to test and redress any imbalance in the Scales of Truth.
  7. All the same , the feather in his pocket could hardly have come from an imaginary swan.
  8. Mrs Feather drew a long breath and let it out.
  9. There were, as well, jumble sales, and stories are told of men's silk hats mysteriously and miraculously transformed into stylish ladies' bonnets, and of feather mattresses disintegrating, to the great discomfort of those transporting them.
  10. Like an Elizabethan tickling the back of his throat with a peacock feather to induce vomiting so he would be able to face the next enormous course, he brought up another cloud of ghosts.
  11. Darting to the mantelpiece, he retrieved the note and the feather and dived back again under the covers, before the cold could ambush him.
  12. The professions have lost many of their better men; many of those who remain are concentrating on maximising profits and fees to feather nests in the US, Canada or Australia.
  13. Whether or not the cells that enter the feather germs make pigment is controlled by the feather germs, each of which has its set of positional values - each feather has its own address.

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