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Перевод слова

Перевод: examine speek examine

рассматривать; исследовать; разглядывать; приглядываться; осматривать; выслушивать; обследовать; проверять; экзаменовать; опрашивать; допрашивать; досматривать; освидетельствовать


  1. The Earth science revolution was made possible in large part by a new found ability to examine the oceanic crust, at first by remote sensing and later through direct access; and the techniques that revealed the importance of the ocean floors in the plate-tectonic scheme of things were also to provide ever-increasing quantities of data on the rocks hitherto concealed by the world's oceans.
  2. If not, then it is no business of the police to maintain files, to intercept telephone calls and to examine mail, all of which are part of the government's business when laws are broken or threatened, and only then, under the very restrictive provisions of the law.
  3. We shall examine these in turn, relating them to specific national situations.
  4. As the train chugged slowly forward, stopping inexplicably for long periods and even occasionally travelling backwards, Ludovico enjoyed the luxury of being able to examine his travelling companion openly while she slept.
  5. Sir Adrian points out: "It isn't a question of just saying it's A or B. There are any number of stations between A and B you have to examine."
  6. Manners instructed Hunt to ascertain the accommodation requirements of the India Office and to examine the possibility of utilizing the land to the east of the Foreign Office site, originally designated for the War Department, for the new Office.
  7. In this chapter we will examine various explanations of why most soil conservation policies do not work.
  8. Why, then, are microbiologists still able to identify E. coli from its genetic make-up when they examine faeces or environments polluted with sewage?
  9. Kant, Immanuel (1724-;1804) Although one of the most difficult of all philosophers to read, Kant is one of the most important for theologians to examine.
  10. But it is certainly enough to make us want to persist with our exploration of this theory and to examine in some detail (in Chapter 7) the various possible explanations for the effect.
  11. Rouse thyself by thyself, examine thyself by thyself, thus
  12. It is necessary at the outset to examine more fully the standpoint of the profession on the issue of censorship.
  13. He stopped all experimentation at this stage to examine the information he had gathered so far.

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