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Перевод слова

Перевод: curb speek curb

подгубный ремень; подгубная цепочка; подгубная цепка; узда ; обуздание; наружный сруб колодца; обочина ; обочина тротуара; бордюрный камень;
взнуздать; надевать узду; обуздывать; сдерживать


  1. They believe that the current slaughter policy is a political expedient designed to allow ministers to show that they are doing something to curb food poisoning.
  2. COMPUTER hacking should be outlawed by three new criminal offences to curb the use of computers for serious crimes and maintain confidence in computer systems, the Law Commission recommended yesterday.
  3. A large bus was sitting at the curb, door open, engine throbbing.
  4. Right now, we seem to be ready to cripple lives and curb them - creating houses we shall regret and preferring town cramming to town planning.
  5. The 1983 government considered that the penalties incurred under the block-grant system had not done enough to curb local spending.
  6. Although by the end of the century all four leading denominations had temperance committees and urged parliamentary action to curb "the trade", Teetotal organizations were confined to the Baptists and Congregationalists.
  7. The North-West Frontier Province has only two businesses - guns and drugs - both of which Western pressure is now trying to curb.
  8. The employers acknowledged that, in addition to the force of public opinion, another way to curb prices would be to establish a body (probably a prices commission) to examine particular prices and report on them publicly.
  9. In an attempt to curb speeding motorists on a stretch of highway in Pennsylvania, the local police erected a sign that read "Caution - Nudists Crossing".
  10. Such legislative changes are seen as necessary (by government in particular) to curb abuses of privilege (by improper disclosure of information) and confidentiality, and more is likely to get onto the statute books as appreciation and concern grows of the power and damage that information can wield.
  11. The aim is to curb rogue salesmen by replacing existing misleading contracts and establishing a code of practice on which Stevens and Bolton are advising.
  12. The Socialist Government might have survived the crisis had it not been for the internal rift within the Labour Party that was brought about by the Cabinet's decision to impose charges for medical prescriptions to curb excessive waste in the newly established National Health Service.
  13. THE central plank of the bill is the curb on the country's biggest industrial polluters by making them use the best available technology to cut discharges.

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