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Перевод: chemist speek chemist

химик ; аптекарь


  1. In 1934, H. Andersag, a chemist at the Bayer Laboratories in Elberfeld, prepared a compound which was first known as Resochin.
  2. The purchase, in large numbers, of these items by the development team gained for them quite an athletic reputation among the chemist shop assistants in the locality.
  3. Other neighbours, people you know in the same road; include nearby small shops (Brown's the chemist, Elizabeth's Pantry, Beeney's Hardware etc).
  4. Roger Smith, a research chemist, made an evaluation of the literature guides in chemistry, and this probably represents the wider attitude of academic staff:
  5. One in every four purchases from your local chemist contains compounds derived from rainforest species.
  6. However, as a chemist, I have reservations about recommending the book to chemists, because it is written from an engineering viewpoint.
  7. Turning from medical microbiology to the applied variety which has now been glamourised by the term "biotechnology", the prime candidate for an archetypal novel must be Lionel Davidson's The Sun Chemist , published in 1976.
  8. Mr Wade, a 37-year-old research chemist, said: "Christmas doesn't matter after this."
  9. Ronald Lees , CChem, FRSC, head of Promotion, Planning and Technical Services Division, Laboratory of the Government Chemist.
  10. No doubt it will be said that the British public have said chemist when they should have said pharmacist for so long that it would be impossible to change, but the obvious answer to that is that decimalisation presented little problem.
  11. The second, known as hypochondriacs, tended to swallow a large number of useless potions purchased from over the chemist's counter.
  12. A synthetic chemical is, in theory, identical to that found in nature; in practice, as every chemist knows, it is impossible to make a 100 per cent pure chemical.
  13. Our sixty-four arrests included a few for the traditional crimes of burglary (but now at chemist's shops), forgery (but of NHS prescriptions, not bank notes), as well as the new offences of unlawful possession of amphetamine or LSD.

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