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Перевод слова

Перевод: butcher speek butcher

мясник ; убийца ; палач ; разносчик в поезде; искусственная муха;
забивать скот; безжалостно убивать; бить; искажать; портить


  1. Terry Butcher and Mark Wright have picked up injuries and are doubtful starters.
  2. Merson had the opportunity to extend Arsenal's lead when Gough and Butcher misread one another's intentions but, in keeping with the general tone, he was well off the mark.
  3. Francie Brady is The Butcher Boy of Patrick McCabe's remarkable second novel (Picador 14.99), a child whose enquiring, ironical cast of mind and dire, small town Irish background (his father has done his mother wrong, and she in turn is obsessed with the gloomy ditty from which the novel takes its title) make him a fancied candidate for an early place in the reform school or the graveyard.
  4. One little piece of history was made when Roland Butcher became the first black man to play for England, and by a neat coincidence it was on the ground just fourteen miles from his birth-place.
  5. It's a cyclical process: when the butcher delivers to the kitchens at Morgan Grenfell, Brown enters the details from the delivery note on the computer in his office.
  6. Butcher has missed only one of England's last 13 matches.
  7. As Terry Butcher admitted afterwards, Peter Shilton's goalkeeping "kept us in the World Cup".
  8. The Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UY (0743 353107) is an old-fashioned THF hotel with modern facilities, from 40, while the Prince Rupert in Butcher Row, Shrewsbury SY1 1UQ (0743 236000) is a very smart and central five-star hotel, from 38.50 per night.
  9. He has prepared for civilian life by going on a butcher's course.
  10. Downstairs, the butcher stood, waiting, curious, impatient, and through the open door, he saw fresh pies, a wire rack full of small cakes, a chocolate sponge.
  11. Has Tony Adams, such a raw youth in Germany, become an adequate challenger to Butcher?
  12. And according to next week's edition of International Financing Review, a high powered scouting party was dispatched under the command of Willard Butcher, the chairman.

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