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Перевод слова

Перевод: bend speek bend

сгиб ; изгиб ; изгиб дороги; излучина ; излучина реки; извилина ; выгиб ; узел ; колено; отвод ; шпангоуты ;
гнуть; изгибаться; согнуть; сгибать; изгибать; изогнуть; искривить; кривить; гнуться; сгибаться; наклонять; наклоняться; преклонять; клонить; нагибаться; перегибаться; нагнуть; подгибать; загнуть; погнуть; поворачивать; направлять; покорять; покоряться; привязывать; вязать; напрягать; напрягаться


  1. Bend your lower leg slightly to support your spine and raise the other leg slowly to an angle of 45.
  2. Most passengers had got across, and even out of the station altogether when the Barnstaple to Taunton train came around the bend under the bridge.
  3. Look at the bend in his left knee: it is an indication of how crouched and low you should be.
  4. They were amazed and delighted to find on that isolated junction the tiniest pub they had ever encountered, tucked away in a bend in the empty road.
  5. The final phrase found in bars 15-;18 consists of two bars of tremolo-picked notes followed by a sustained bend.
  6. What I needed was a solid holder that wouldn't let pencils bend or break, and a retainer that would expand and contract a million times.
  7. Why isn't it possible to make a set of electric guitar strings that feel "even" to bend all the way across?
  8. Katharine tickled Benji with the whip to keep the activity and the bend until he was back on the track.
  9. We are beneath the famous Symonds Yat Rock, in a large horseshoe bend of the River Wye.
  10. The quarters should be in off the track as much as the shoulders would be in shoulderin, keeping plenty of bend behind the saddle.
  11. Now I can walk up hill without puffing and can bend down without grunting.
  12. With 6lb line I can bend into a fish and know that there is some bend remaining; that I have not used all of the shock-absorber effect of the rod.
  13. It can bend round corners and pass through objects.

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