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Перевод слова

Перевод: beast speek beast

зверь ; животное; отгульный скот; скотина ; чудовище; тварь ; упрямец ; неприятный человек; грубый человек


  1. And when her tears mixed with the salty tears that fell down the great beast's cheek, the spell was released, and he stood before her, a golden-haired young man in hunting-costume.
  2. Other battles are still fought today in Strathnaver, but they are between man and beast, rather than between man and his fellow creatures.
  3. Hardly had Salisbury reached the others when the two men who sat their mounts on either side of the bound youth reined forward, taking the victim's beast with them.
  4. That left Scottie, a gentle beast, to settle in, make friends with the children and grow very tall and healthy.
  5. Her heart soared as she realised that this was a new adventure, an adventure through darkness into the greater darkness which might, just might, be even more beautiful than the slow throbbing of living blood, richer in iron than the veins of any mine, passing through mighty arteries, driven by the rhythmic pounding of the great beast's heart.
  6. But the dog, toad between teeth, jaws primed to gnash, began to foam, in spurts, like a washing machine, and dropped the beast on its uneven back leaving me to confront the hideous creature putting itself to rights.
  7. An awesome beast who figured in Egyptian legend, the Devourer sported the mane of a lion, the body of a hippopotamus and the jaws of a golden crocodile.
  8. Many myths of the hero retrace a common narrative: a sea journey; battle with a monster; descent into the belly of the beast; and, finally, triumphant re-emergence into the light of day.
  9. Midnight laughed, hearing his sister say: "May a beast take you a goat beast!"
  10. He would be a man - therefore probably a beast.
  11. "If a deadly beast was coming for you, what would you do?
  12. Standing before her across the water was the most enormous beast Anabelle had ever seen.
  13. His appearance warned of a death in the family, and, as this old poem suggests, the beast usually manifested itself standing in a graveyard, howling:

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