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Перевод слова

Перевод: amazing

удивительный; изумительный; поразительный


  1. Turkey has the most amazing sights to offer, so we have included some of the best of them in our trips programme.
  2. Peter Jenkins in The Guardian opined that "it would no longer be amazing to see Mr Callaghan win by a whisker".
  3. The other day I watched this character, uncertain whether or not he would be taken, drop instantly into an amazing role.
  4. Amazing combination: an executive who is tougher than titanium, has highly focused ambitions, yet is laid back.
  5. He described in detail the amazing story of strange sightings of vast armies of people seen at Midsummer's Eve at midnight often referred to as the Ghost Troops marching on Souter Fell.
  6. It so happened that Hugh was the man who had been producing Tony Newley and he said to me after listening to those tracks that this was the most exciting thing to come into his room since Tony Newley which I thought was quite amazing since, some time later, David was quite infatuated with the work of Newley.
  7. Wholly amazing discovery
  8. Amazing fragrance.
  9. "It was amazing.
  10. So I was looking around the Beckenham and Bromley area when I found this place called Haddon Hall which was an amazing property.
  11. Here you can see the castellated peaks from an amazing angle.
  12. In this, Morgan foreshadows in a most amazing way the understanding of what have since been called "acephalus lineage systems".
  13. Yes means a time for us to be together, us and only us in a place that is beautiful and special and quiet and doesn't know just how amazing a love is about to transform it into one of those Indian summer memories that make deaf old ladies grin knowingly, when you think they are dead in a deckchair on the sea front.

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