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Перевод слова

Перевод: actually speek actually

действительно; на самом деле; в самом деле; фактически; даже; в настоящее время


  1. "Actually I can.
  2. We must have a proper testimony in our neighbourhood, we must actually be neighbourly.
  3. He makes the reasonable point that the upholders of traditional positions might achieve a new plausibility if they could be seen actually arguing for them, rather than merely asserting them.
  4. Several produce subtle chemical secretions which actually interfere with crop growth.
  5. Actually, though, I started tennis when I was about seven."
  6. There was sex, of course, but although both of them were extremely interested in sex, and enjoyed nothing better than discussing it, neither of them, if the truth be told, was quite so interested in actually having it, or at any rate in having it very frequently.
  7. Curiously enough - and tragic as it is - your negotiating position, Nader, is actually better than before the kidnap.
  8. The RedMan suit may inspire shouts of "RoboCop", but it's actually intended to give bobbies protection in potentially violence situations.
  9. "I actually won quite easily when I expected that I'd still have a lot to learn," he explains.
  10. God wants you to be so full of Jesus that you actually start acting like him.
  11. Most of these heteromorphs were derived from "normal" ammonoids, but there is one famous example where an uncoiled form actually gave rise to a conventional-looking ammonoid by coiling up again!
  12. Consequently, there is a view that, far from extending and accelerating the RMI, Working for patients , will actually retard it.
  13. But Mrs Thatcher was not actually removed by that election - though, as we have shown, its inconclusive result laid the ground for what followed.

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