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Перевод слова

Перевод: wrong speek wrong

неправильный; неверный; неисправный; ошибочный; несоответствующий; не тот который нужен; дурной; безнравственный; противозаконный;
неправильно; неверно;
зло; обида ; неправда ; неправильность ; правонарушение; заблуждение; ошибочность ; несправедливость ;
быть несправедливым; приписывать дурные побуждения; вредить; причинять зло; обижать


  1. Oh, but I have said the wrong thing, she thought, for her sister's face had tightened and her eyes burned with a coppery light.
  2. Mrs Anthony said he was wrong and that most unions negotiated pay structures on a percentage basis.
  3. In a sense, there's nothing wrong with that, since some of the very best verse of the period (from Shakespeare to Donne to Marvell) falls into this category.
  4. But I'm very young, and if it goes wrong, I can always do something else."
  5. The wrong policy could cost you more than a pocketful of dreams.
  6. It doesn't follow that he knows what the matter is - "honestly, though, I don't know what's wrong with me," he adds.
  7. "The main problem of the external course is that it can be an ad hoc activity bearing little relation to a current problem or systematic training scheme, and thus the wrong people can be trained at the wrong time by the wrong methods.
  8. That the wrong route was cited is bad enough, but the inclusion of unchecked rumour is inexcusable, and unfortunately turns error into fact.
  9. Her mother, normally so detached, had inexplicably sensed that something was wrong.
  10. Then I would help to cheer them up, but I wouldn't cheer them up if they didn't want to, I think that's wrong.
  11. It means the person never has to work through their grief, but can stay poised at a moment in time, hoping that the news they heard, but cannot believe, turns out to be wrong after all.
  12. A stolen refrigerated truck drives the wrong way up the autobahn - that was seen by a driver coming up the northbound lane - and Tweed's Mercedes was somewhere not far ahead.
  13. Now, what's wrong?"

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