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Перевод слова

Перевод: worth speek worth

ст`оящий; заслуживающий; обладающий;
ценность ; достоинства ; цена ; стоимость ; богатство; имущество


  1. All that said, A Christmas Carol was worth it.
  2. Cheap reels are not worth a second thought.
  3. But with their sparse population they are scarcely worth the price of a campaign advertisement.
  4. It is difficult to find this tea, but it is worth looking for.
  5. Finally, and outside the university context, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the Camden library service has a good loan collection of African writing.
  6. Nelson's detailed account is well worth close scrutiny for it illustrates many aspects of socio-ecology most cogently.
  7. He did not feel that he would want to return to university, so he decided to apply for an unclassed "War Honours" degree - "probably not worth the paper it's written on", but perhaps enough to get him started in some profession, such as colonial service or, possibly, journalism; he rather liked the idea of becoming a parliamentary correspondent for a newspaper.
  8. A novel of little sprouting aphorisms: "Every man is worth an umbrella".
  9. It is worth noting that industry sponsors are significant contributors to such experimental work: the audience may be small, but it may also be crucial.
  10. These already have property assets worth some DM15 billion (10 billion), and are still adding to them.
  11. Leaving her screen baby behind in Coronation Street , Helen Worth (left) joins Michael Angelis in the world's most frequently recurring soap - marriage
  12. It is well worth saving the seed of this - and of the drumstick scabious, "Paper Moon" - in case of a hard winter.
  13. Even now, and though the events of June triggered a brief period of reappraisal, the British still seem besotted by their vision of China as a billion-strong market for their goods and services - and either unaware, or unimpressed, that their exports to Hong Kong itself are currently worth three times as much as those to its northern neighbour.

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