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Перевод слова

Перевод: worm speek worm

червь ; глист ; низкий человек; презренная личность; червяк ; червячный винт; бесконечный винт; шнек ;
ползти; пробираться ползком; вползать; проникать; продираться; выпытать; разузнать; гнать глистов


  1. He wasn't going to say anything about the Worm, but of course he'd reckoned without his mother.
  2. Among the many on the list are the blinding disease Onchocerciasis, or river blindness, caused by a parasitic worm; the debilitating schistosomiasis, also caused by a worm; the killer malaria caused by a protonoan and of course diarrhoea, mainly caused by bacteria, which kills something like 20 000 children every day.
  3. Travel: Snakes alive out on the Worm's Head
  4. "The Worm?"
  5. The most significant of these is schistosomiasis (bilharzia), a debilitating disease that can cause liver fibrosis and bladder cancer, which is transmitted to humans by a parasitic worm that requires water-snails as an intermediate host.
  6. "We allow worm digging where it doesn't seriously conflict with the nature conservation objectives near the causeway.
  7. I am tempted to think that some such process is involved in the development of repeated structures, such as the segments of a worm, or a flower's petals, or the stripes on a zebra.
  8. Havelock Ellis said, "A worm gnaws periodically at the roots of women's life."
  9. Cave's departure from progressive humanism, with Its belief in individual and social transformation, is so extreme that his worldview verges on the Mediaeval: the language of curses, bad seed, the worm in the bud.
  10. But now I thought, he's a worm, he's squashable.
  11. With a worm fastened on a golden hook:
  12. Worm casts make excellent additives to composts, not only improving the structure of the medium but adding nutrients and growth-promoting hormones too.
  13. Numerous other predators and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and nematodes) are also being investigated and the following are ready for evaluation in the field: Poecilia reticula and Aplocheilus spp., fish that feed on mosquito larvae; Bocillus sphaericus, a spore-forming bacterium that attacks mosquitoes; Culicinomyces clavosporus , a fungus that kills mosquitoes; and Romano- mermis culicivorax , a nematode worm that inhabits and kills mosquito larvae.

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