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Перевод слова

Перевод: wonder speek wonder

чудо; нечто удивительное; невидаль ; изумление; удивление;
интересоваться; желать знать; удивляться; дивиться; подивиться


  1. (Have you noticed how the Christians on TV are usually the "wet" ones, like Harold in Neighbours - it's no wonder that people think ALL Christians are wet!)
  2. I smiled and went on down the train, getting the feel of it now, understanding the way it was put together, beginning to wonder about things like electricity, water supply and sewage.
  3. The view is great, but the bed is small; no matter how they feel about each other, I wonder how Elena and Barbara sleep, or whatever, together in it.
  4. And do many fans, we wonder, fantasize about being given an enema by Van Morrison?
  5. When Gooch and Curtis opened with 50 one began to wonder - would we see an upset as we had in 1966?
  6. I wonder if something like that would help me win back the hand of my loved one? probably not).
  7. No wonder my innards were craving for an ice-cream, a beefburger, a ham-and-salad sandwich, a hot-dog.
  8. But from the moment that the electorate realised it was to be stripped of its Deutschemark, a symbol of nationhood, Germans began to wonder how much else had been given away.
  9. Having answered his own question of whether he would make the cut, he proved himself capable of denying the one that he was a one-major wonder.
  10. If you wonder why people give you a hard time, it's because you write shit like this.
  11. "I just wonder who she was, that's all."
  12. "We'll be taking a look at it ourselves, I shouldn't wonder."
  13. Looking back, one can only wonder why no-one suggested easier ways of working, great economies could have been made if a time and motion expert had been employed.

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