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Перевод слова

Перевод: whereabouts speek whereabouts

где; куда;
местонахождение; приблизительное местонахождение


  1. We do, however, have some fairly clear ideas as to its whereabouts in several mammals including monkeys, near-neighbours to us in an evolutionary sense.
  2. The shipowner must be forced to reveal the whereabouts of the ship.
  3. Sleep was impossible, even though Jack shared her bed, that night, resigned to the fact that his whereabouts would be known soon enough.
  4. Ghede has an enormous propensity for rum, and his whereabouts are usually marked by a number of bottles, along with phalluses carved on nearby trees or fences.
  5. Personal reflection helps me discover my whereabouts and articulating this with another encourages me on.
  6. He was unaware that a harassed Mr Dixon, caught between Hank, his parents and the school authorities, had disclaimed any knowledge of Hank's whereabouts, except to say, when asked by the school secretary, that probably Hank had the flu - there was a lot of it about.
  7. Whereabouts.
  8. Chief Constable Burrows was outside his club in Friar Street when a fellow-member approached him and suggested he looked into the whereabouts of Philip Drew, an actor who was performing in a play called The Monster at Reading's Royal Theatre at the time of the Oliver murder.
  9. Pre-printed Romanian envelopes break the citizen's whereabouts down into ten components: Strada, Nr., Blocul, Scara, Etajul, Apart., Sectorul, Judetul, Codul and Localitatea.
  10. While the dealer refused to reveal the mosaics' whereabouts, he succeeded in obtaining four mosaic sections from Mr Dikmen which were deposited in a Frankfurt warehouse.
  11. "And whereabouts did you visualize all this happening?"
  12. The next day she'd discovered his whereabouts from Klein, who'd warned her in no uncertain manner that John Zacharias was bad news for tender hearts.
  13. Whereabouts are you from?"

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