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Перевод слова

Перевод: weed speek weed

сорная трава; сорняк ; табак ; сигара ; марихуана ; гашиш ; долговязый человек; тощий человек; кляча ;
полоть; выпалывать; пропалывать; очищать; избавлять


  1. Avoid accidents with the strimmer by protecting young trees with plastic tubes or weed by hand.
  2. Mr Gary Mantle, director of the Wiltshire Trust for Nature Conservation, one of the 47 country trusts involved in the society, said water rats were declining and the water weed had been "badly hammered" on the Wylye.
  3. Poor seed-beds, dry conditions and spraying at the wrong time or the wrong rate could all explain the appearance of the yield-sapping weed.
  4. Moreover, its attempts to weed out the next Barlow Clowes are not considered impressive.
  5. Fullblast calls me Billy Weed on account of all my plants.
  6. Garden centres will have horse and hop or horse and mushroom, but they are not cheap, can be full of weed seed and, if sawdust and not straw is used in the horse's stable, and can create problems of nitrogen deficiency.
  7. These are the establishment of an ethical committee which would weed out corrupt party officials, the disbanding of the notorious workers guard, a declaration that the new party would hand back to the nation a substantial chunk of the old party loot, and a resolution calling on all parties, including their own, to withdraw from workplaces.
  8. At its front the land dropped down through gardens and woodland to lower slopes choked with thornbushes and tangled weed.
  9. Removing weed once young frogs have departed, a compromise between man and wildlife
  10. Everlastingly the Kingsbrook rattled over its stones, hindered here and there by tree roots or a growth of weed, but ultimately unimpeded, always moving, glittering in the sun as if gold pieces gleamed beneath its ripples.
  11. It is spreading to other firms too, as banks weed out their client lists in order to raise profits and cut asset growth.
  12. The St. Kilda list is as follows: - Sorrel ( Rumex acetosa ), Lapathum vulgare ( Rumex obtusifolius ), Scurvy Grass ( Cochlearia officinalis ), Mille-foil ( Achillea millefolium ), Bursa pastoris ( Capsella bursapastoris ), Silver weed or argentine ( Potentilla anserina ), Plantine, Sage ( Teucrium scorodonia ?),
  13. It will also pay to weed out credit cards which either charge high interest rates or an annual fee, unless combined with an especially low rate of interest.

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