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Перевод слова

Перевод: warrant speek warrant

ордер ; предписание; правомочие; основание; оправдание; мандат ; приказ о присвоении звания уоррент-офицера;
оправдывать; служить оправданием; ручаться; гарантировать; подтверждать; давать право


  1. The man, curious, looked narrowly at Corbett and was about to refuse until Selkirk showed him Wishart's sealed warrant.
  2. There has been a warrant out for Mr Chihana's arrest since he told a meeting of Malawian political exiles in Lusaka, Zambia, two weeks ago that the ruling Malawi Congress Party was the party of "darkness and death".
  3. He reported to the Prime Minister that he was "satisfied, after full examination of all the relevant documents, that no warrant for interception has been issued in contravention of the appropriate criteria".
  4. "We needed a federal warrant, which is valid all over America.
  5. When a warrant lapses unexercised, the amount previously recognised in respect of the warrant should be reported in the statement of total recognised gains and losses.
  6. The procedures for interception According to the official version of events, interceptions were made before 1985 only on the authority of a warrant issued by the Home Secretary, the Secretary of State for Scotland, the Foreign Secretary, or the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, with each warrant naming only one person and one number.
  7. But that is all: the Act fails to incorporate other safeguards said to be embodied in the pre-statutory warrant procedures.
  8. If these can be confirmed and if the tappings were done with the authority of a Home Office warrant, it suggests that the guidelines were being interpreted with a remarkable degree of latitude.
  9. She had, even at their wedding, surrounded herself with people, nearly all of whom were interesting enough to warrant the close scrutiny of the police.
  10. Does the plight of battered wives who kill after a spate of ill-treatment warrant special treatment by the law?
  11. He comes from Bishop Wishart with a warrant for your arrest."
  12. When the situation seemed to warrant it, or the moment seemed opportune, these were dealt with briskly by the forces of law and order: there was little sign of any paralysis of will in this respect on the part of the British in India.
  13. This was the contention that the court ought not to entertain the action "because to do so would be detrimental to national security", the defence referring to the long-established practice of Secretaries of State not to disclose or discuss the existence of a warrant.

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