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Перевод слова

Перевод: warp speek warp

деформация ; коробление; извращенность ; неправильное, отклоняющееся от нормы суждение; предубеждение; основа ; основа ткани; верповальный перлинь; верповальный трос; наносный ил;
коробиться; деформироваться; искривляться; перекашиваться; коробить; покоробить; искажать; перекосить; извращать; набирать основу; верповать; верповаться; сновать; удобрять наносным илом


  1. They seem to be locked in a time warp but this has become their biggest selling point because, by remaining stubbornly unlike every other manufacturer, their instruments cannot fail to be distinctive.
  2. We could sit in a meeting in the Sit(uation) Room and be discussing these other activities, and fall into almost a kind of, you know, warp in which you wouldn't know whether you were talking - I mean, the use of shorthand and so forth in the discussions you couldn't tell whether we'd suddenly slipped into this question of selling arms to get them back this way or whether we were still discussing the other thing.
  3. At around 50 threads per centimetre (127 per in), it takes a powerful magnifying glass to distinguish the equal warp and weft; but look if you can, and it will give you a better appreciation of the quality of ripstop nylon.
  4. An Axminster has its tufts inserted as a separate operation and knotted under the warp.
  5. Back, back we find ourselves in the frustrating and confusing conceptual warp.
  6. These are accessible from under the famous scimitar truss rod cover/logo plate, and are reputed to obviate any kind of neck warp or twist.
  7. The only thing that could warp the way that the band goes is the media, because they lie for the most part; they come up with their own reasons and their own interpretations and people just believe what they read."
  8. But with the assistance of a Warrington watchmaker, John Kay, he invented improvements to machinery used in the local cotton industry, and in 1769 patented a spinning frame, which made possible the mechanical spinning of the warp, whereas the early Spinning Jenny was only suitable for spinning the weft.
  9. Despite what brewers' architects often allege, the life expectancy of such plastic window units is proving remarkably short - as little as five years for the fittings, and twenty years for the plastic itself, which is exhibiting distinct tendencies to warp and discolour with age.
  10. This is feasible because the panels were prepared from radial sections of the timber rather than tangential ones, since the latter would warp.
  11. This unfortunately is a series caught in a time warp.
  12. Timber which is too dry and untreated will warp and lose its strength; too wet, and it will encourage wet rot and dry rot.
  13. The Arts: Cop in a time warp

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