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Перевод слова

Перевод: warn speek warn

предупреждать; предостерегать; упреждать; предостеречь


  1. This tendency to associate - designed to warn us of impending danger-can in fact work against us.
  2. He says that automatic alarms that warn of radioactivity on clothes have been "arbitrarily" adjusted so that the alarms do not go off too often.
  3. Sales started to tumble just as dealings in the shares began, but Stock Exchange rules meant boss Tim Parker had to wait until September to warn the market.
  4. Nigel Cramer had had time to warn Quinn, speaking from his car as it sped towards Scotland Yard.
  5. Throwing yourself at men, men of gross natures, is a still-greater act of self-abuse, and I cannot warn you too strongly that you are placing yourself in the very gravest danger.
  6. Three of the "Dainty Dozen" (as the 482nd christened them) who had been MT drivers during the war drove the party around in a 12-seater minibus that flew Union Jacks to warn the unsuspecting American public that they were not used to driving on the wrong side of the road.
  7. D'Arcy gave a potted version, not mentioning that Bliss had instructed him not to warn his client.
  8. Ranger Smith then ran back into the danger zone to warn the other soldiers though, unknown to him, they had already found a safe spot.
  9. Since they may only return to earth by replacing one of their number with a living child, mothers warn their off-spring never to follow the lights.
  10. As for "aware", its associations are with the cognate "ware", "beware", "wary", "warn"; the analogy is with putting oneself on guard against a peril, a vigilance imposed by pressing need or by duty.
  11. Folk memory, rumour, and first-hand experience combined to warn the street people that obduracy in the face of police pressure offered little profit.
  12. Warn your child first that you will record the behaviour in the black book if it doesn't stop immediately.
  13. Lithuanians protest, Ukrainian mine leaders warn, Armenians walk out.

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