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Перевод: walk speek walk

ходьба ; прогулка пешком; шаг ; походка ; тропа ; любимое место для прогулки; аллея ; обход своего района; выпас ; расстояние; состязание в ходьбе;
ходить; идти; гулять; водить гулять; идти пешком; прогуливать; вываживать; делать обход; обходить; появляться; вести себя


  1. He could walk with the help of a nurse, but very slowly and with great difficulty, as his balance was extremely poor.
  2. I now suggest that the new Government should immediately sell the building for the same price so that it can become a seat of learning for talented Scottish children, such as it then produced of every walk of life.
  3. There is a most delightful walk the full length of the south-east side of Loch Oich, parallel with the old railway line, shored up in parts.
  4. Charlie's personal idea of bliss is for a long-haired client to walk in an allow him to create one of his more advanced shapes, but he would never impose his styles on an unwilling customer.
  5. Usually you will be allowed to walk the course the day before.
  6. Roirbak began to walk away, then paused and turned.
  7. In the Howk, an eerie limestone gorge reached by a pleasant few minutes' walk from the southern corner of the village green, is the threadbare ruin of a bobbin mill.
  8. I won't be able to walk for a week, with or without shoes."
  9. After the company had declared a loss of 96,678 for the year ending June 1937, Dean was, in his own words, "asked to walk the plank".
  10. Some days you may not be able to fit in your daily walk in one session, so you can divide it into an a.m. and a p.m. session.
  11. And yet, when Calman would come on the scene Jerry would walk away.
  12. A wall goes down from the road straight as a die to Ease Gill and a walk alongside leads in a few minutes to a small hole in the ground that opens into lengthy passages below: this is Short Drop Cave.
  13. Even as late as 1900 it would not have been safe to walk in any of these streets after dark.

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