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Перевод: vote speek vote

голосование; баллотировка ; голос ; голос на выборах; избирательный голос; право голоса; голоса ; общее число голосов; вотум ; решение; избирательный бюллетень; ассигнования ; кредиты ; избиратель ;
голосовать; баллотировать; вносить предложение; постановлять большинством голосов; ассигновать; выделять; предлагать; признавать


  1. In the shire districts, the spectacular advances which enabled Labour to claim more than 50% of the vote in many authorities lend a further twist to the puzzle of why the party has not been able to match consistently good local results in these areas with comparable general election support.
  2. Here was a long-established bastion of English liberty, older than the vote, yet older people were banished from participation.
  3. Nearly 5,000 Rolls-Royce workers at Glasgow and Coventry are among 24,000 who will vote on whether to strike, so spearheading the campaign to cut the working week from 39 hours to 35.
  4. The theme of the day was: A Labour vote is a vote for more recession and a Liberal Democrat vote is a Labour vote in disguise.
  5. A variable that has three categories (such as three parties' share of the total vote) can be represented on triangular graph paper.
  6. Five hundred peers turned up to vote, giving the government a majority of 317 votes to 183.
  7. But the vote in April has fallen due for payment in September.
  8. Introduce fixed-term Parliament of four years , with a known date for the next election, subject to an earlier election only if the government loses a special "explicit" vote of no confidence.
  9. They also have a slim but slightly better chance of winning a vote for a referendum.
  10. There are those who claim that canvassing the votes of the electorate is a waste of time: that they are at least as likely to vote for you if you leave them alone as they are if you go round and bother them at night.
  11. The idea was that PEPs would encourage individuals to invest in British industry, receive annual reports and be able to vote at the AGMs.
  12. He said in a letter to his Chester constituents that he would vote for Mrs Thatcher and called on constituency chairmen to ask their MPs how they intended to vote.
  13. Mr Sweeney said it was decided by a vote that he should be told the meeting wanted him to reconsider his decision.

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