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Перевод слова

Перевод: virtue speek virtue

добродетель ; целомудрие; хорошее качество; достоинство; св`ойство; сила ; действие


  1. But if the term be used to designate those relations existing between the masses and the leaders, the relations which exist between a more competent man and a less competent, by virtue of which the more competent can control the actions of the less competent for the
  2. It has another virtue too in shade tolerance, providing the soil beneath is deep and cool.
  3. Here was not an authority-figure, of school or university or civic discipline; still less a relation who could "pull rank" by virtue of family influence or purse string manipulation.
  4. The contracting countries are specified by Order in Council made by virtue of the 1965 Act, and such an order is conclusive evidence that a country is a contracting country within the meaning of the Convention.
  5. However, this one makes it by virtue of it being an array of versions of General Levy's fine "Heat" rhythm.
  6. However, Jesus' free association with the poor and despised should not be interpreted to indicate their automatic admission into the Kingdom by virtue of their downtrodden position in society.
  7. Although only eight of the 23 British Columbia players who went to the World Cup were on hand for the two games it was enough to see the host province safely through to championship no.23 by virtue of wins over Alberta - and that was a close call indeed - and NEWFOUNDLAND .
  8. Questions of Morality and Christian Virtue aside, she didn't really blame all the women Henry Phipps had conquered for succumbing to his wiles.
  9. When the magazine folded she specialised in dried flowers which had the virtue of not being able to shriek back.
  10. A ceremony of Confirmation and of First Communion are inserted in the House Beautiful, and finally, in the most fundamental change, the pilgrims are enabled to cross the river and enter the Heavenly City by virtue of their acts instead of by their faith.
  11. As he finished tying the cravat into an acceptable knot he saw that one of the cheese-knives had stuck to the table linen by virtue of the butter that had been left on it.
  12. The most important virtue of the breed is its very high carcass quality.
  13. The building of Winston Grange, containing the first flush lavatory in Suffolk, proved a triumph, for in 1860 the third incumbent, a Reverend Mundiford Allen, became one of the best and most loved vicars in East Anglia, and although he died and was buried here in 1910, stories of his virtue and kindness are still rife.

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