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Перевод слова

Перевод: vary speek vary

менять; изменять; варьировать; меняться; изменяться; разниться; расходиться; разнообразить; украшать вариациями; исполнять вариации


  1. Often the reasons will reflect a mixture of informal and formal social controls, while the importance of either will vary with different circumstances.
  2. But policies must vary and change with circumstances.
  3. Countries vary as to the proportion of the farm labour force taken up by the peasantry.
  4. The percentage would also vary throughout the year from about 10% in the summer to about 50% in the winter.
  5. Documentary sources vary widely over time and in quality.
  6. Another future option will be ability to vary the ride in three stages from soft to firm.
  7. Estimates vary but profits will probably rise from 58.2m before tax to say 66m this year and 80m next, excluding property.
  8. Technical boundaries similarly vary in openness.
  9. Can older people exert their corporate purchasing power in this fashion, or do their tastes vary to such an extent that they can never have this kind of combined approach?
  10. Of course, different systems vary.
  11. With any type of aircraft the characteristics of a spin vary according to the loading, so that the spin becomes flatter as the c.g. is moved back.
  12. Other research has shown how evaluations of "good" policing vary with types of police practice, with the different "types" of policemen conceptualizing competent practice in contrasting ways (Muir 1977; Reiner 1978; for a review of the numerous typologies of policemen that exist in the sociology of policing see Reiner 1985: 104-;6).
  13. In practice, the extent of change engendered by the staffing delegation component of LMS will vary from LEA to LEA and from school to school and in nothing more so than in appointments.

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