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Перевод слова

Перевод: vanity speek vanity

суета ; суетность ; тщета ; тщеславие; туалетный столик


  1. Mrs Clinton said in Vanity Fair magazine the American press was guilty of double standards by airing stories of her husband's alleged philandering while shying away from "long-standing rumours" about Mr Bush.
  2. Personal vanity and the taste for consuming conspicuously will always link within the human breast.
  3. Now, now that all was lost, lost too was the vanity of the bulging notebook, the diversity of material, the forward-looking pleasure of unpacking my treasures and giving them some kind of independent life.
  4. Sir, without Vanity, I cannot think
  5. She told Vanity Fair that it was well known in Washington that President Bush had had an extra-marital affair.
  6. In view of the widespread use of the old style train sheds it is pleasing to our vanity to be reminded how expensive they were to build and how costly to maintain.
  7. Richard Baxter saw this as an illustration of the vanity of this life as both rich and poor alike had to stand by helplessly as their houses and all their worldly goods went up in flames before their eyes.
  8. It's men who are complimented for being "cocky", who thrive on that kind of vanity and self-assurance.
  9. If their vanity in pursuit of the prize should carry them away, they will be suitably chastised in the words of Psalm 124: "Except the Lord shall build the house, they labour in vain that build it."
  10. parasitic friend of Sir Mulberry Hawk's who, with his constant companion, Pyke , assists in the fleecing of Lord Frederick Verisopht, and operates on Mrs Nickleby's vanity to get access to her daughter Kate.
  11. Because of clothes rationing, fashion was abandoned but vanity not totally so.
  12. Another reads: "Where would we be without that much-maligned virtue, vanity!"
  13. it does not indeed oblige us to assert that in 1963, unlike 1300, theology is education and all else vanity.

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