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Перевод слова

Перевод: vanish speek vanish

исчезать; пропадать; сбегать; стремиться к нулю


  1. "As a kid, when you wanna vanish from your parents and environment, you know you can barrel off there and hide yourself quite effectively.
  2. It seems impossible for a well-selling pop record to vanish from the face of the earth, but it actually seems to have happened here.
  3. "If he gets advised to go to Sotheby's, the letters'll vanish, into America or somewhere else, or Blackadder'll get them if we're lucky.
  4. The alienation of large numbers of teachers, and their uneasy relationships with students and communities are problems which will not vanish overnight.
  5. The man leading the hunt, Detective Superintendent Ian Whinnett, said: "There is nothing in Joanna's background to suggest why she should vanish like this."
  6. Burton's devil was a terrible and limitless sense of driving pleasure: it was fuelled by awesome capacity and the hunger of those who cannot believe that such fortune will not vanish before their appetite is appeased.
  7. The stuff about which they were all so concerned seemed to vanish into the most inaccessible shadows of the house.
  8. Archie shuffled his feet and looked as if he'd like to vanish up his parlour chimney.
  9. Soon to vanish are German toyboy Dieter Schultz, played by Kai Maurer; beach bar brothers Allan and Gavin Hindle (Jon Morrey and Darren Newton); restaurant owner Bunny (Roger Walker); Irish handyman Snowy (Patch Connolly); and French teenager Arnaud Leduc (Mikael Philippe).
  10. One of these days they'll just vanish from the face of the earth and never be seen again.
  11. Why did this interest in decoration vanish in our century?
  12. Meh'Lindi had once mentioned a legendary Assassin who swallowed a rebel governor's young son whole so that the child should seem to vanish into thin air.
  13. She turned to catch Archie in the act of trying to vanish upstairs.

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