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Перевод: value speek value

ценность ; достоинства ; значение; смысл ; справедливое возмещение; оценка ; цена ; стоимость ; валюта ; величина ; длительность ; сочетание света и тени в картине;
оценивать; дорожить; ценить


  1. There are so many carp anglers, all fishing with high nutritive value (HNV) boiled baits, attached to hair- and bolt-rigs, usually at long range, you cannot afford to persist with the old baits and rigs and expect much success.
  2. For a given outlay of local currency it has ensured a higher value of imports than would have been available under a market valuation of the currency.
  3. In contrast "nailing the prig down" is a quintessential statement about the value to uniform "polises" of stasis, containment, and spatial control.
  4. The epitome of Nineties value rather than volume has become just that, after having been not terribly good at being the Eighties thrusting stereotype - though not for want of trying.
  5. Notice that the corresponding Y value has been kept with each X , and the Y values are therefore not in order.
  6. Do you feel that the school will value the contribution you make to your child's education?
  7. He had been brought up with a lot of fine furniture and had always been conscious of its value.
  8. To provide a smooth endpoint value, we replace y 1 by z 1 , the median of y , y 1 and z 2 ; in this case, the median of 42.2, 40 and 45.2 is 42.2, so this becomes the new, smoothed endpoint value.
  9. The graduated scheme gave worse value to women than to men, on the grounds that we retire earlier and live longer.
  10. However, numerous other factors contribute to the situation: the falling real value of teacher salaries, poor working conditions for teachers, the breakdown of teacher upgrading activities, the fall in state expenditure on materials, delays and calamities in the distribution of available materials, and a rigid formal system of time-tabling and examinations, to name but a few.
  11. You won't want to miss out, so be sure to allow around 12-;14 per trip, all in all the trips will be great value and great fun.
  12. Among the EC's 166 regions there are only 17 where agriculture provides more than 10% of the regional product, and none where it generates more than 30% of the gross value added.
  13. Those future profits include grants that he might have received from the government for installing drains (these can cover up to 80 per cent of the cost of the scheme) and the value of anticipated production, which may be doubled by subsidies under the EEC's Common Agricultural Policy.

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