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Перевод слова

Перевод: valiant speek valiant

храбрый; доблестный; героический;
храбрый человек


  1. The "V" Field complex Vulcan, North Valiant, South Valiant and Vanguard comprises nine manned and robot platforms, linked by bridges.
  2. Despite valiant efforts by our physiotherapists, my hamstring did not recover in time for the 200 metres.
  3. In battle scenes the villainous attackers move in from the right and the valiant defenders, usually the good guys obstinately rejecting defeat, are on the left.
  4. Harrow had grounds for confidence at tea when they were more than half way there but Martin, taking six for 43 with his slow left-armers continued to attack and Harrow were out for 194 with a few minutes left, despite a valiant 97 from Charles Danby.
  5. Frimley "E" are the first Aldershot League knockout cup winners of the season after their anticipated victory in the Sub Division section over a valiant Solartron "B".
  6. And valiant, it was.
  7. The flight recorder itself was positively identified on 13 July, partially buried on the seabed, and was successfully lifted onto the deck of the support vessel, Valiant Service, five days later.
  8. "Valiant progress with its range of value-for-money cars"
  9. Northern Brave, the probable favourite, was rather disappointing last time out, and Valiant Boy may not have won such a good race as Stay Awake.
  10. The Forestry Commission are making valiant efforts to re-create these old woodlands, and are trying to preserve the little that remains.
  11. EASY OVER: Backed from 14-;1 to 13-;2 latest, never placed to challenge 10l 5th to Valiant Warrior (Chepstow 1m, Gd-Sft).
  12. But the problem with these groups is not that they're wimps, but that they're runts; not that they're vulnerable or soppy, but that they're flimsy, What's happened is that the perfectly valiant and appropriate refusal to grow up has become a refusal to grow, musically - to take on space, drift, experiment.

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