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Перевод слова

Перевод: upstairs speek upstairs

находящийся в верхнем этаже; находящийся наверху;
наверху; в верхнем этаже; вверх по лестнице; наверх; на большой высоте; в воздухе;
верхний этаж; верхняя часть здания; человек, живущий в верхнем этаже


  1. One day last week we 'ad to get us own lunch, me young See-all-hear-all-say-nowt upstairs, and then I had to bellow to get him down t'elp or I'd 'ave been stuck 'ere in this chair wi'out a sup or bite from dawn to dusk and beyond.
  2. Adle and I watched from an upstairs window as the carriages arrived.
  3. He turned and went upstairs muttering to himself.
  4. She went downstairs, fetched fuse wire and screwdriver, went upstairs, changed the fuse.
  5. The Copleys had gone upstairs to take their afternoon rest and for a moment she wondered whether to tell them to lock their bedroom door.
  6. In some ways, Wendell decided as he went upstairs, he had more in common with Harry than with his own son, Judd.
  7. "Well, I'm left there shivering about two or three hours then I'm taken upstairs and interrogated by these three very heavy-looking military guys.
  8. They returned to the upstairs room.
  9. Her child slept upstairs.
  10. Greta Ross was painting in her room upstairs.
  11. Mr Gruson went upstairs where he said he was threatened by one of the gunmen.
  12. Slowly he went upstairs: his father's bedroom, his dressing-room, his bathroom where the mahogany panelling had been axed, and the old fittings of brass and copper had been wrenched from their sockets and looted.
  13. Maggie's voice came from upstairs.

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