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Перевод слова

Перевод: upset speek upset

опрокинутый; расстроенный;
опрокидывание; беспорядок ; ссора ; недомогание; расстройство; огорчение; неожиданное поражение; высадка ; осадка ;
опрокидывать; опрокидываться; расстраивать; нарушать; выводить из равновесия; огорчать; нарушать пищеварение; обжимать [тех.]; осаживать [тех.]


  1. I guess I've been getting upset for too long when it wasn't even necessary.
  2. People often worry about introducing a puppy into a home where there is already an aged Rottweiler, feeling that this will upset or unsettle the older dog.
  3. Like Fanny Walden, he was a small player who could upset opponents by sheer pluck combined with skill, and he soon became a popular figure at Leeds Road.
  4. So I'd tell people that I shouldn't really be listening to them, and they'd get quite upset
  5. As for the Brooke sketch, as its author I recall that the person most upset by it was Tony Benn.
  6. The finish is also more permanent and does not upset the float's balance.
  7. That really upset me, that did.
  8. What has upset Brian is the knowledge that within hours of Joanna disappearing from the leisure centre car park eight days ago, he was being "fingered" as someone who could have been responsible for kidnapping her.
  9. The practical difficulties of nursing a sick relative can be very great, but Pitkeathley agrees that it is often the emotional upset of having to bath a previously fastidious mother, or pretend your father has spilt his tea when the bed is wet, or simply having to make all the decisions for a once strong parent, which cases the most upset.
  10. The Wedding Present have often talked about their ambivalent attitude towards chart success but just missing out upset manager Brian Hallin who complained to NME that Gallup had "moved the goal posts around."
  11. Hateley baffled and upset by the affair says: "I came in for that one game, and I thought I did reasonably well.
  12. She was continuously anxious lest Mitzi upset coffee all over them both - the coffee-cups being very small, and seeming almost doll's size in Mitzi's hands.
  13. You hadn't told your wife about it, so I thought it was probably bad news, and that it might have upset you enough to - well, to do something.

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