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Перевод слова

Перевод: up speek up

направляющийся в крупный центр; направляющийся на север; поднимающийся вверх; идущий вверх; повышающийся; шипучий;
вверх; наверху; кверху; вверху; наверх; выше; ввысь; вдоль; впереди;
подъем ; успех ; вздорожание;
по; вверх по; вдоль; вдоль по; по направлению к; к северу; в северном направлении; вглубь; против;
поднимать; подниматься; повышать; вскакивать


  1. Maddock urged the laboratories to set up "industrial applications units" to find civil uses for their projects.
  2. An occasional treat or privilege for a child who has made a big effort to master a new skill or managed to give up a bad habit hardly comes into that category.
  3. Such corruption has played some part in building up the funds held in international bank accounts or other forms of investment by African citizens, recently estimated to total 20 billion between 1974 and 1985.
  4. I took off my jacket and set about clearing up dead birds.
  5. He climbed up to where he had last seen the Bookman and left the bottle of cough medicine with a note saying
  6. "What Are the Royals Up To Now?" changed abruptly to "Will Soccer Violence Spread to Gaelic Football?" as he turned a mental page.
  7. Mary of Guise was brought up in the charmed circles of the greatest French aristocracy.
  8. A single operation might be three miles long and half a mile wide and would crawl across the landscape at about 700 feet a year, digging up the shale or sand and beginning the processing which will turn it to oil.
  9. We become inwardly angry because our partner fails to live up to our expectations, instead of offering them the opportunity to discuss things with tolerance and understanding.
  10. The newly-married couple on the up and up.
  11. What kind of friend hooks you up on a beam over a terrifying machine?
  12. There were people, people everywhere - huddled inside doorways trying to keep dry, crowding into the small, old-fashioned shops, and buying fruit and vegetables at bargain prices from the swarthy hawkers whose barrows were drawn up close to the kerb.
  13. The mechanism has been a rapid rise in share prices and a trebling in urban-property prices, which in turn have boosted consumption, revved up BMW sales and, for top-notch manufacturers and banks, reduced the cost of capital virtually to zero.

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