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Перевод слова

Перевод: unstable speek unstable

нетвердый; неустойчивый; неуравновешенный; непостоянный; изменчивый; колеблющийся; нестойкий


  1. The almost pure loessic silts are incredibly fertile, but are by far the most unstable and difficult soils to work.
  2. With memories of the inept and unstable parliamentary experiment under Weimar still fresh, the imperative after the war was to create a stable system.
  3. The mountains swing away to the east, running into Venezuela, but the volcanic chain after a short gap in the dreary and fever-ridden jungles of the Isthmus of Panama, reappears in full vigour in Costa Rica, and extends throughout the Central American republics of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, which are by reputation as unstable and explosive politically as the many volcanoes that they contain.
  4. Arrangements would somehow have to be made, for Kathleen, unstable, light-headed and suggestible as she was, might some day take outside advice and consign her to an institution.
  5. Towards the end of her life Marilyn Monroe was becoming increasingly unstable emotionally, consuming a growing quantity of medicaments and attending frequent psychiatric counselling sessions.
  6. Belgium has a history of unstable governments.
  7. The major auction houses have moved with the times and have found new ways of selling works which in both form and content would have proved an unstable investment a decade ago.
  8. But as they continue to build up and up, with spines getting higher and higher, the time comes when large portions of the mass become mechanically unstable, and break away, collapsing in a clattering, roaring avalanche.
  9. Prostaglandin H 2 is an unstable compound which has a half-life of approximately five minutes, and once formed is rapidly transformed either enzymically or non-enzymically to the classical prostaglandins, prostaglandin D 2 , E 2 and Fsub2.
  10. For our latest companions this was a new experience, but the glacier was benign and they were confident, unhurried walkers who found pleasure rather than because of the crevasses or steep, unstable cliffs.
  11. This is a complex and still unstable concept whose understanding involves a consideration of a range of issues within discourse analysis, pragmatics, and the theory of grammar (see, for example, Canale and Swain 1980; Richards and Schmidt 1983).
  12. Apart from the fact that the Grand Army obviously suspect him, he's getting too independent, not to mention unstable.
  13. The main idea here has been to exploit the existence of particles known as "muons" which in some ways behave like electrons, but are some 207 times heavier and are unstable.

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