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Перевод слова

Перевод: unit speek unit

удельный; единичный;
единица ; целое; единица измерения; количество часов классной работы, требуемое для получения зачета; соединение; часть ; сборная часть; подразделение; агрегат ; элемент ; секция ; блок ; узел ; составная деталь


  1. So the best way in for most private individuals is through insurance funds, investment trusts or unit trusts.
  2. In the prototype unit, all internal components were mounted on the base section of the case.
  3. beneath the details of everyday life which Shamin describes is a feudal economy where small farmers scratch out a living from day to day, where one false step can mean falling into debt or mortgaging one's land without hope of recovery and where one rebellious individual can place the entire economic unit, the joint family, at risk.
  4. In this way, a mechanism for running the bath that automatically cuts off before the water overflows could be linked with, for example, a control unit for the central heating.
  5. Next year they will be appearing in Channel 4's production of a 1906 melodrama, Emily's Ghost, as well as a Children's Film Unit production of Mama and Papa in Suffolk.
  6. However he remained with the Wellington unit only for a short time before being posted to Control Office duties at Luqa.
  7. along with a suitable battery (or a simple mains unit if wish) are fixed to the base, and the interconnections between the field panel and the p.c.b.
  8. In October 1944 the Leaders faced the problem of redecorating the Primary School room which had been handed back to the church after having been in use during the War as a First Aid Post for a unit of the St John's Ambulance Brigade led by Miss Mary Lutton.
  9. The power output at 900rpm was 25hp and the maximum pulling power was 3000lb, enough to handle the two-furrow plough unit in the most difficult soil conditions, according to the company's publicity.
  10. You don't have to, but it is convenient to put solder pins at the input and output terminations; it makes disconnection easier if this becomes necessary when fitting the unit into a case.
  11. In the first year, students take one unit which examines contemporary issues in development, and another which studies recent developments in Geography.
  12. The unit will run quite satisfactorily on a 6V battery supply, though this should be made up of four U2 size cells, in preference to the small single 6V batteries.
  13. This week the Science Policy Research Unit, stung by the attacks, withdrew a press release announcing the report and titled Britain's biggest telescope - a failure and replaced it with one titled Britain's biggest telescope - how well has it performed ?

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