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Перевод слова

Перевод: unfortunate speek unfortunate

несчастный; несчастливый; неудачный; неблагополучный;
неудачник ; горемыка ; проститутка


  1. "The unfortunate creditors, it was obvious from the nature of the cases, could never have recovered the debts, had not the County Court been established."
  2. We regret these "unfortunate" killings but please keep sending your tourists
  3. If the owner is unfortunate enough to have a fall, the grey anorak will help him resemble a large rock when the RAF hover above, thus rendering him practically invisible.
  4. I say unfortunate laird, but of course it would have been the unfortunate estate workers who would have hauled the pick-axes up the hill and toiled away for weeks, just so that somebody with a crown could sit on a pony that didn't stumble on his way up a mountain to shoot something.
  5. Another batch of letters has reached my desk, some pleading, others offering help to my more unfortunate patients.
  6. There is one compensation, however, for the unfortunate tortoiseshell toms.
  7. The unfortunate Dorian Williams, whose cultured, distinctly upper-class accent was synonymous with commentary on the sport, was required to tell the viewers that the next contestant was Harvey Smith riding "Hitachi Music Centre".
  8. P. W. Conolly, when District Judge at Negombo, wrote that "when parties quarrel and assault each other, it is no uncommon thing for the person who has got the best of the struggle to have an animal brought to the spot, and a charge of cattle stealing is preferred against the unfortunate man who has been assaulted."
  9. By an unfortunate twist of fate, Sunderland were to experience the full might of the cousins playing in the same team.
  10. Once, as she was heading towards the gate (thus walking in the direction opposite to that which Agnes was to take somewhat later, followed by the gaze of her unfortunate schoolfriend), the secretary turned, smiled and lifted her arm out in the air in an unexpected gesture, easy and flowing.
  11. It is unfortunate that certain consumer terms reinforce the image of need and dependency.
  12. "One of the more unfortunate effects of segregated institutional care is that it encourages "ordinary" members of the population to think of "the handicapped" as a race apart.
  13. The unfortunate Met Officers all over Bomber Command had plenty of explaining to do during that summer, as the weather was unusually bad.

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