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Перевод слова

Перевод: unconscious speek unconscious

невольный; непроизвольный; бессознательный; не сознающий; нечаянный;


  1. Unconscious, he flicked her hand away and coughed.
  2. For years, most psychology was written as if human beings were unconscious; in fact, it was only psychologists who were unconscious of consciousness.
  3. Little wonder that they were so fresh in her mind; creating a very powerful effect on his mind and unconscious, musically and rhythmically, that would remain with him for life.
  4. The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.
  5. "I must show you our broad beans," chattered Dimity, quite unconscious of the turmoil in her old friend's heart.
  6. Just as you can gain access to the cave of the unconscious only by being inside already, he seems to be saying, so you can gradually reach towards an understanding of my work only by understanding it in advance.
  7. Janet watched with relief as doctors unscrewed the bolts from her unconscious daughter's head and cut off the jacket.
  8. He must know not only the influences to which he may be made to respond, but those to which his nature is now day by day responding - the complex environment which is the unconscious education of his body and mind and will.
  9. "You were unconscious? "
  10. Homi Bhabha finds that Fanon most profoundly evokes the colonial condition not in his yearning for "the total transformation of Man and Society", nor in his appeal to the human essence (though "he lapses into such a lament in his more existential moment"), but in his understanding of the workings of "image and fantasy - those orders that figure transgressively on the borders of history and the unconscious" (foreword to Fanon, Black Skin , p. xiii).
  11. This level corresponds to that part of the unconscious mind which functions when we are in a light sleep.
  12. Our choices are partly governed by conscious processes of the mind - a rational weighing up of possibilities, advantages, disadvantages, wishes and motives - but also by unconscious factors of which, by definition, we are unaware.
  13. Hopkins played nicely to the crowds too, although it was hard to figure out if it was conscious manipulation or the unconscious product of his enthusiasm.

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