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Перевод слова

Перевод: tripping

быстроногий; выключающий; отключающий;
легкая походка; отключение; расцепление; размыкание; опрокидывание


  1. Again the Cobblers held them to a goalless draw after being reduced to ten men, but this time it was not through injury: half-back Manning was sent off after twenty-five minutes for tripping Forest's West from behind.
  2. By the time he had staggered into the yard he could hardly stand up, hitting the ancient, mossy mounting block and tripping over one of the green tubs filled with white geraniums, as Little Chef came bounding out to lick him on the nose.
  3. After all, there is a vast difference between deliberately stamping on another person's toes and accidentally tripping over their foot.
  4. "Tripping Tessie", as they called it, was the pride and joy of their lives.
  5. While I fumble about, tripping over things, wondering where on earth I last saw a box of matches, my friend wisely sits still and directs me.
  6. The final goal of all the Waldens, Dimblebys, and Days is to hit the headlines on the news broadcasts (or in the next day's papers) by tripping up their interviewee or extorting an apology from him, or convicting him of a contradiction.
  7. Back at Club Eleusis, Jahsaxa Penumbra was tripping out like the bad queen in a fairy-tale cartoon, the only omission being the thunderclouds and lightning round her head.
  8. Steve Clayton's eighth-minute dismissal for tripping hardly enhanced the home team's prospects.
  9. There was never a hope of George Custer's men being struck by a burning arrow from the likes of China or Spain, but sport does have a delicious habit of tripping up those propelled on wings of greed and pomposity.
  10. There had been some acid, some purple haze, going round the school recently, and a couple of boys were tripping.
  11. He claims he keeps tripping over something on the ground.
  12. Instinctively I turned away, and then I realized I was walking in the opposite direction, then running, almost tripping over my own two flat feet.
  13. We'll often meet around midnight, taking in a beverage or two at Highway and the Garage, and tripping the light fantastic (and the fantastic lights) at Krypton and Cosmos.

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