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Перевод слова

Перевод: toss speek toss

метание; бросание; толчок ; подбрасывание монеты; сотрясение; падение; жеребьевка ;
бросать; кидать; швырять; поднимать на рога; сбрасывать; вскидывать; отбрасывать; подниматься и опускаться; носиться; беспокойно метаться; разметаться; реять; промывать руду


  1. If you want more money, toss in a gold coin, and you will quickly be ankle-deep in gold.
  2. Young people will admit (where the middle-aged seldom will) that they don't give a toss who wins, but they are almost never intentionally rude.
  3. Add the chilli to the vinaigrette dressing, pour over the salad and toss.
  4. Toss the beef in the teriyaki in a large bowl and leave to marinade for 1-;2hr.
  5. The winner of the toss usually wound his string around his hand except for the last six inches, this ensured a good sharp and hard blow on the other conker.
  6. If the toss was fair and he misses it, he is out and must sit on the floor in the middle.
  7. That way, when you bust your board, you don't just toss it in the garbage.
  8. Toss ribs in sauce until completely coated.
  9. Gower won the toss and inserted West Indies, only for Haynes to hold the innings together as his partners got in and then out.
  10. 1 Heat the oil and butter together in a pan and when the butter has melted, toss in the beans.
  11. won the toss and invited Warwickshire to bat
  12. London Underground is spending 100,000 on research to find out why so many of us like to toss ourselves on the rails.
  13. It was a relief not to weep and toss sleepless at night after such tragedies but her own indifference shocked and troubled her.

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