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Перевод слова

Перевод: tend speek tend

ухаживать; заботиться; присматривать; обслуживать; пасти; иметь тенденцию; клониться; иметь склонность; направляться; вести в определенном направлении


  1. tend to change their minds after listening to other people's points of view
  2. These four publications tend to reflect the range of musics which fit most neatly into the category of "rock" (white music as opposed to the primarily black forms, "soul", "funk", "reggae" and so on), although the emphasis varies from one magazine to the next.
  3. Horses prefer as companions horses that have the same coat colour as themselves, and tend to avoid those that are radically different.
  4. The significance of this in the context of this section is simply as a reminder that those groups who tend not to use bank loans and credit cards - generally older people in the lower income and socio-economic groups, and women as opposed to men - probably have not consciously chosen not to.
  5. Left to themselves, without adult interference, groups of children tend to become more rather than less aggressive as time goes by.
  6. Catfish tend to stay stationary for long periods making them ideal subjects for photography.
  7. Some of these areas may become blurred, he feels: for example, one feature of complementary medicine that patients may prefer is simply the longer consultations that its practitioners tend to give.
  8. "Bring out" deep-set eyes with a paler shadow - obviously darker tints will tend to shade the eye and make it look deeper.
  9. He is rarely mentioned in the press references to TI tend to go hand-in-hand with the name of its chairman and chief executive, the recently knighted Sir Christopher Lewinton.
  10. One parent families tend to be slightly smaller than two parent families with an average of just under two children, compared to just over two children per family.
  11. "Men don't tend to store as many fats and toxins as women so the body wrap is usually less effective," she said.
  12. This will remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which tend to block the pores causing pigmentation and a dull appearance.
  13. Even official sources now accept that tall stacks tend to increase long-range transport of pollution.

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