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Перевод слова

Перевод: temptation speek temptation

соблазн ; искушение


  1. Mary Ann was still holding the plate of temptation over the table.
  2. If the atmosphere were not so charming, it would be less of a temptation.
  3. "You can't be certain you're right and there is the greatest temptation to put them off and not to take them.
  4. I am not precise on depth because there is no great temptation to hang over the hole and peer down.
  5. He admits that the 50,000 bonus is a big temptation.
  6. The atmosphere is always electric, so it is an easy temptation to begin uninhibitedly, even for the very experienced.
  7. He decided that for him to sit back and imagine, to follow a Bensonian way and be a dilettante among refined ideas, was an actual temptation.
  8. That is code for seduction by capitalism - the temptation to which Eastern Europe has so eagerly succumbed.
  9. "Money" means simply "points", awarded according to the following scheme: mutual Cooperation, 3 points; Temptation to defect, 5 points; Punishment for mutual defection, 1 point (equivalent to a light fine in our earlier game); Sucker's payoff, 0 points (equivalent to a heavy fine in our earlier game).
  10. Whilst I entirely agree with Nochlin's decision not to amend any of the articles ("despite the strong temptation to correct what I now know to be errors of fact or feel to be mistakes of interpretation", p. xii), neither should they have been allowed to stand in an historical vacuum.
  11. The temptation to believe that what is most modern is also best - to see human history as a steady progress in knowledge and truth, probably culminating about wherever one happens oneself to be located - has always been almost irresistible, and popularised - if crude - evolutionary theory has, since the last century, added to what seems an historically continual tendency.
  12. The temptation must be resisted as firmly and valiantly as I have resisted the other, more obvious, more sensual lures and snares.
  13. If you feel tired during the day, resist the temptation to take a nap.

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