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Перевод слова

Перевод: temperate speek temperate

воздержанный; умеренный; выдержанный


  1. They thrive in a wide variety of environments: semi-desert as in the western United States and in Australia; steamy marshes such as the Camargue; the high slopes of the Rocky Mountains; and windswept islands such as Sable Island in Nova Scotia, and the Falklands, or more temperate ones, such as those off the Virginia coast.
  2. In Europe, for example, the removal of temperate forest began more than 5 kyr BP when permanent agricultural systems replaced the hunting and gathering strategies of the mesolithic period (sections 3.3.2 and 3.3.3); and has continued ever since, though post-war afforestation policies have redressed the balance to some extent (section 8.2).
  3. There are also lekking birds in the temperate regions of Europe and North America.
  4. We may argue that temperate animals and plants must "concentrate" on coping with winter, and that only a few manage to do so; or that because life is so seasonal, temperate animals and plants are thrown into greater competition at specific times of year, than in the tropics.
  5. These temperate forests thus cover a broad span of latitudes, with a wide variety of climates.
  6. We are fortunate to be blessed in Colwyn Bay with a climate that favour cultivation of exotic and temperate plants, the like of which is unique to this climate.
  7. Modern high-latitude temperate lakes have quantitatively comparable major detrital clay mineral assemblages comprising illite, chlorite and mixed layers.
  8. The energy consumption is about 100 units (kg of coal equivalent per person) in a developing country and about 10000 units in Europe and the U.S.A. This is affected by the fact that developing countries mostly have tropical or subtropical climates while developed countries are in the temperate zone, but there is a similar difference of about 100: 1 in income per head between the rich countries and the poor countries ( The Economist - the world in figures ).
  9. Triticale breeders were keen to make the plant insensitive to day length so that it could be grown successfully at the Equator as well as in temperate regions.
  10. The most important family in the temperate and colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere are the Lumbricidae, consisting of ten genera and more than 40 species and sub-species.
  11. The contrasts between temperate and tropical forests are striking.
  12. Chancroid, also called soft sore, soft chancre, and "ulcus molle", is a disease of world-wide distribution but is seen only rarely in temperate climates and is uncommon in Western Europe or North America and, when it has been diagnosed, it has usually been imported from warmer countries.
  13. And even though each individual temperate tree may support a host of other species (scores of different insects on an oak, for example) the total list of temperate forest animals is also many hundreds of times lower than in tropical forests.

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