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Перевод слова

Перевод: tell speek tell

рассказывать; говорить; сказать; сообщать; делать сообщение; докладывать; выбалтывать; выдавать; доносить; заверять; уверять; отличать; различать; выделяться; указывать; показывать; свидетельствовать; отзываться; сказываться; приказывать; считать; пересчитывать; подсчитывать


  1. "I don't think I need to tell us how saturated we as a people are by American culture.
  2. He had asked her not to tell the police.
  3. Well wait till I tell you.
  4. What must the food label tell you?
  5. I can tell what they are walking on, maybe; perhaps whether they are going upstairs or downstairs.
  6. What could I tell the parents about the national curriculum?
  7. And to tell the truth
  8. All the same, I must tell you that my heart sank when I thought of you getting ready to serve a life sentence of accounting in that ghastly tower block at London Bridge station.
  9. Please could you tell us more about this complaint and whether any other treatment is available.
  10. You can generally tell this by the sort of questions you are asked;
  11. A wife whose husband had taken a girl out on a number of occasions would tell the counsellor, "This time it's different - they've slept together."
  12. I would try and tell you what I have been thinking; though I once told you I cried because I was incapable of thought.
  13. She had a plan of her own for the visit, though she decided not to tell Charity about that at this stage.

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