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Перевод слова

Перевод: target speek target

мишень ; цель ; маленький круглый щит; задание; контрольная цифра; движок ; сигнал ; шибер


  1. Software Etc Stores Inc, Edina, Minnesota filed with the Securities Exchange Commission for an initial public offering of up to 800,000 common shares, all new at a target price of 15.50 a share and says it wants the 12m or so net proceeds to finance expansion.
  2. The CRC sees this group as a prime target for an anti-smoking campaign.
  3. Trent knew that he was insufficiently important to be the target so there had to be linkage.
  4. Product testing is a target area in the search for alternatives pioneered by organisations like FRAME.
  5. They then draw lots in the form of a scorecard, unseen, which has written on it a target number and position.
  6. Johnny's silky touches and ball playing skills, nurtured by the great Arthur Rowe, drew huge admiration from Palace fans and he inevitably became a target for the bigger clubs, but he was still with the Palace when he gained his first full England International cap (against Northern Ireland at Wembley on 22 November 1961) and Palace's first such honour in thirty-eight years.
  7. Ader Tajan, the company in which Jacques Tajan is a partner along with auctioneers, brothers Remi and Antoine Ader, is expected to record business of FFr319 million for 1992 as against a target of FFr350 million and nearly three times as much when the market peaked in 1989.
  8. Suttons' new lettuce, "Target" is a tasty crisphead which withstands hotter weather.
  9. But in the forests and hills, the graveyards of vanished communities remain, a target for deranged young vandals and the politically sick.
  10. But Labour's shadow education secretary Mr Jack Straw said since only three of the 20 were in operation on the target date "why doesn't he recognise the CTC programme as an immoral and wasteful failure?"
  11. Each centre aims to build up in a few years the basis for energy conservation throughout industry, transport and construction - an ambitious target, which Chandler feels is achievable.
  12. TOP novice chasers Barton Bank and Cab On Target are set to clash at Kempton on Boxing Day.
  13. Nolan took his attention off Sam for a split second, lashed out expertly at my face and whirled back to his prime target in time to parry Sam's wildly lunging arm and kick him purposefully between the legs.

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